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The Health Well Spotlights highlight the very latest news, reports, research and events taking place in the field of public health.

Title Date
Results of the Irish Health Survey now available from CSO 17 Nov 2016
New report looks at physical activity in children and youth on the island of Ireland 17 Nov 2016
Health Survey Northern Ireland: First Results 2015/16 report now available 15 Nov 2016
Significant differences in risk factors contributing to childhood obesity among children in DEIS schools compared to other schools 10 Nov 2016
PHE Obesity Team publish data showing the more deprivation there is in an area, the higher the number of fast food outlets 25 Oct 2016
Doctors who spend 30 seconds telling patients they need to lose weight can have a dramatic impact, a study shows 25 Oct 2016
New Safefood report looks at the effects of shift work on health 24 Oct 2016
Slides and audio from this year’s IPH Open Conference now available 21 Oct 2016
Royal College of Physicians of Ireland launches export report on physical activity 20 Oct 2016
Have you seen our new training videos for The Health Well and IPH Community Profiles Tool? 20 Oct 2016
Results of the second annual Healthy Ireland Survey have been released 19 Oct 2016
An invitation to the 2016 Open Access seminar hosted by the IPH & OKI 18 Oct 2016
PHE Obesity Risk Factors Intelligence team has published the latest National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) trends report 14 Oct 2016
Taxing sugary drinks can lower consumption and reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay, says a new WHO report 12 Oct 2016
Over one-third of 11-16 year olds drink sugar sweetened drinks at least once a day 10 Oct 2016
All-island Obesity Action Forum invites you to ‘The role of appetite in obesity’ workshop 07 Oct 2016
New report outlines the views of young people on factors that help and hinder them in having a healthy lifestyle 05 Oct 2016
An invitation to the 2016 Open Access seminar hosted by the IPH & OKI 04 Oct 2016
National Breastfeeding Week takes place from the 1st to the 7th of October 2016 03 Oct 2016
International comparisons of overweight and obesity factsheets developed by PHE Obesity 03 Oct 2016